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The Art of HR – 2 days: Aimed at those embarking on a career in HR or taking on new HR responsibilities, this 2 day programme provides a broad overview of HR, including core responsibilities and issues.

Basics of Employment Law: This practical course will enable delegates to gain an appreciation of employment law and confidence to handle employment issues on a day-to-day basis.

Diversity and Equality: This course explores the practical issues surrounding diversity in the work-place, examines the legislation that supports it and understands the benefits that a diverse organisation can derive.

Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment: This one day course looks at the issues caused by discrimination, bullying and harassment in the workplace, what organisations can do to prevent it and how to recognise, investigate and deal with it appropriately.

Appraisal Techniques: This course is designed to examine the whole appraisal process from setting objectives and standards, delivering structured feedback through to the actual appraisal interview itself - avoiding common pitfalls along the way.

The Art of Manpower Planning: People are the critical factor in how organisations perform and success depends on how effectively we analyse and manage our people resources within the organisation. The key to this is human resource planning. This course focuses on HR planning from a strategic and practical viewpoint.

Succession Planning: Effective succession planning can deliver tailored, pro-active career development for an organisation's most talented individuals, whilst ensuring the organisation is developing its future skills base.  This course explores the best approaches for succession planning.

How to Identify Your Training Needs: When training misses the mark more often than not the fault lies right at the beginning – in the correct training needs analysis. This course is designed to enable participants to identify training needs, in a way that supports the organisation.

Managing Health & Safety: This intensive course provides managers with a broad outline of relevant Health & Safety legislation and to understand their personal responsibilities for effectively managing Health & Safety. Delegates will learn how to plan, develop and implement a Health & Safety Policy and relevant procedures, set business plans that include relevant safety objectives, undertake generic risk assessments for tasks and activities throughout the organisation.

The Art of Safety Leadership: The aim of this course is to show how the approach of leaders and their attitudes to health and safety influence the safety culture of a business or organisation and its employees. The course will challenge delegates on their personal approach to safety. This course is particularly aimed at business owners and directors of small and medium enterprises.