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Effective Communication: Being able to listen, communicate and persuade is essential for any manager. Excellent communication skills build productive teams, and increase the effectiveness of the organisation. This practical and highly interactive course focuses on the development of management communication.

Effective Team Briefing Sessions: This interactive course is aimed towards developing the team leader’s communication skills to enable the delivery of effective team briefings. It includes sessions that enable you to practise your techniques.

The Art of Facilitation: Facilitation represents an extremely powerful way of problem solving is through a workshop-style meeting. Its success lies in the facilitator's ability to control and guide the meeting towards its objectives. This course helps individuals to improve their facilitation skills, especially in handling people.

Influencing People: The skills you will learn on this exciting course will enable you to understand and act with greater precision and credibility when communicating with other people. This course will explore the effect your communication style and interpersonal skills have on your ability to persuade others.

Introduction to Negotiation Skills: This course will provide delegates with support and guidance on how to employ practical skills to conduct win-win negotiations. Throughout the course practical exercises will be used to practise new negotiation skills. The course enables participants to explore how their own personal style and attributes are successfully applied to the negotiation process.

Delivering Bad News: This course covers an area that managers often find difficult to approach. It explores that with planning and sensitivity; bad news can be handled appropriately, reducing the impact on all concerned.

Dealing with Difficult People: This course provides a practical guide on how to handle difficult people and situations effectively. Delegates will learn how to understand other people's behaviour and how to react assertively when faced with difficult, aggressive or uncooperative people.

How to Run Effective Meetings: Learn the skills, techniques and strategies to plan, lead and participate effectively in meetings of all kinds: from impromptu, on the spot discussions between colleagues, to formal presentations and meetings with external suppliers or clients.

Introduction to Presentations: This participative course has been designed for those who currently have little or no experience of presenting but expect to have to take the plunge in the near future. It involves sessions that enable you to develop your skills in a supported environment.

Advanced Presentations – 2 days: This highly participative programme is designed to enable delegates to project a more professional image by adding polish, interest and panache to their presentation. This programme is ideal for people who can put a presentation together quite well, but want to stimulate a more positive reaction.

Selection & Recruitment Interviewing – 1 or 2 days: This practical programme will provide individuals with guidance in the skills and techniques essential to conducting successful selection interviews. Delegates will participate in a simulated interview role play to build confidence and reduce their anxiety when faced with an interview situation.

How to do well at Interviews: This course is aimed at people who have not had interviews for a long time and want to build their confidence in selling themselves. It is interactive and includes a practice interview. This course can be held on a one to one basis over ½ day.

Telephone Techniques and Reception Skills: How customers are talked to on the telephone can either enhance or damage a company's reputation. This very practical course is aimed at employees who communicate with customers / clients by telephone.

The Art of Training the Trainer – 2 days: This 2 day programme will enable delegates to design, train, evaluate and follow up effective training programmes. We focus on delivery skills (effective body language and voice projection) and also teach techniques about handling difficult trainees and controlling the group.

The Art of Coaching and Mentoring: This very practical course enables managers to rehearse a range of coaching and mentoring situations and develop the skills to develop others.