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A Manager for the First Time – 2 days: This intensive two-day programme introduces the new manager to the fundamentals of the managerial role. The course combines the essential skills of time management, leadership skills, managing people and their performance, planning and change management. It is designed for people with little experience of managing teams who have recently been promoted.

Team Supervisor 5 Day  Programme: This programme consists of 4 days intensive training plus a review day after 3 months. It is designed for people with little experience of managing teams who have recently been promoted from within the company. The course is tailored to suit each organisations culture, ethos and way of working.

A Leader who is Effective – 2 days: Are you aware of the impact your management leadership style has on others? Is it the most appropriate for enabling others to perform and achieve results? This two day programme will provide delegates with a range of management leadership styles and the ability to judge when best to use each of them.

Working as a Team: This course outlines the key skills required to create a winning team and enable team members to achieve effective performance individually and as a team.

Motivating Your Team: This course offers a practical guide on what motivates and de-motivates people. It also examines how to maximise performance and achieve the best results from individuals and teams.

The Art of Delegation: One of the keys to effective management is achieving success through others - empowering your teams to develop their skills, and achieve success on your behalf. This course is dedicated to the skills of delegation and empowerment, whereby team leaders learn how to delegate objectives than tasks.

Managing Individuals’ Performance: The course equips participants with practical tools and techniques to ensure staff achieve peak performance. It covers dealing with poor performers, enhancing the performance of those performing at a satisfactory level and developing the 'stars'.

Managing Discipline, Dismissals and Grievances: Knowing how to deal with disciplinary, grievance and dismissals cases is essential. This course provides a thorough grounding in the legal issues; as well as providing practical tips on how to handle difficult situations and conducting disciplinary and grievance hearings.

Managing Conflict in the Workplace: The course will provide delegates with the understanding and ability to manage conflict in the workplace. Using a variety of training methods, this course is designed to be highly informative, interactive and relevant to the every-day working situation.

Managing Stress in the Workplace: This course is designed to provide clear guidance and practical advice to managers. This course also enables delegates to recognise the symptoms of stress in the organisation, and provides a structured approach to removing or reducing the adverse affects.

The Art of Absence Management – 2 days: This programme will provide an overview of various methods to assist you in monitoring and managing absenteeism; using effective ways to drive down absence in your organisation. This programme offers both practical and informative solutions, to tackle absence.

The Art of Change Management: Managing change successfully is an essential management skill in today's fast-paced business world. This course introduces participants to a range of change management principles, practices and techniques, to ensure that implementation of change is successfully and seamlessly managed throughout the organisation.

The Art of Project Management – 2 Days: This highly practical introductory programme provides you with all the essential skills, tools and techniques that you'll need to support you in your project management role. Delegates will understand the importance of people in the delivery of projects and realise the benefits of project management when introducing change.